Prof. Dr. Johanna Hoerning
+49 40 428 27-0000

5.010, Consultation Hours: Monday, 16:00 - 17:00

My focus in research as well as in teaching is the complex connection between social relations and the spatial conditions and structures that accompany them. I am a trained urban sociologist and complemented both my undergraduate studies (Diploma) and my PhD (Dr. phil.) at Goethe-University Frankfurt. My doctoral thesis was published with transcript and bears the title “The ‘Megacity’ as a concept and reality. On space, planning, and everyday life in big cities”. As a political sociologist, I focus on the actors and the negotiation processes between them. And as a sociologist of inequality, I am concerned to include the intersectional dimensions of inequality as well as the political asymmetries of power in explaining the relationship between societies and their spaces. Methodologically, I am engaged in overcoming 'methodological nationalism' in the social sciences and to enrich sociology with postcolonial perspectives. I previously worked both as a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer, and as a guest professor for social inequality, politics, and space at the department of Sociology at TU Berlin, where I am involved in the collaborative research center “Refiguration of Space”.