Prof. Dr. Alexa Färber
+49 40 42827 4376

Room 5007, Consultation Hours: Please find a notice on available consultation hours on Alexa Färber's office door

Alexa Färber is professor for urban anthropology and ethnography at HafenCity University Hamburg. She is concerned with the production of urban space through everyday practices such as mobility, saving, urban Imagineering and ethnic-religious representation. Methodologically-conceptually she represents the ethnographic assemblage approach to the urban, aligned with recent developments in Actor Network Theory. Her teaching focuses on the B.A. programme Culture of the Metropolis (Kultur der Metropole). She was primary investigator of the research initiative "Low-budget urbanity: Transformations of the urban in times of austerity". She also contributes to UD by teaching in projects, supervising theses and regularly offering trans-disciplinary courses in cooperation with architecture, urban planning and Urban Design.