Urban Territories I Luxury: Spatial politics of comfort 2016/2017

Core Subjects

Urban Territories 1 introduces research methodology, specifically qualitative approaches and empirical methods from the humanities. The 1 hour inputs present theoretical perspectives, approaches and actual methods to practice-oriented research; the 2 hour seminars serve to discuss and test these using the students’ own material as they collect and produce it throughout the semester via takes.

The module covers methods of and practical engagement with ethnography, cartography and mental maps, participatory observation, interviews, Grounded Theory and Actor-Network Theory. Intensive reading and continuous self-study are a requirement for the course. Students are required to develop individual research questions, sample and collect their own data and experiment with different forms of data generation, analysis, mediation and interpretation. The aim is to coherently collate and communicate this iterative research process in their final submission as part of knowledge generation and transfer.

Inspired by the Urban Design Annual Theme ‘Luxury’, the module addresses and inquires into spatial practices and appearances, the politics and materials of luxury. Students will be concerned with forms of perception, data collection and data management, evaluation, analysis and interpretation of luxury in its various guises from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives and based on different theoretical approaches.




Required module for the Urban Design Master 1st semester
Elective module for Master Architecture, Urban Planning
5 CP
18/10/2016 2-5pm
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Dr. Anna Richter


Post-doctoral Researcher