Methods, Tools & Theory 6: Research and Design Transfer 2023

Core Subjects

The Research and Design Transfer serves to summarise and reflect on the study performance in the first three semesters and the preparation of the content of master thesis. The goal is the autonomous development of documentation with an academic or artistic theme. The student’s own approach and the results should be critically examined in the overall context of his or her current specialist knowledge together with an integrated reflection on the design-oriented, technical, economic, ecological and social aspects of Urban Design and contextualised in theories and reference projects. The students practice the systematic evaluation and interpretation of their previously-formulated key contextual issues and the applied approach and they also deepen their competency, conclusively presenting and communicating their results using the appropriate media.



Prof. Dr. Monika Grubbauer


Professor, History and Theory of the City

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Bernd Kniess


Professor, Urban Design