Urban Territories II - ports and residences 2015

Core Subjects

In context with this year’s study theme, we will examine ports and residences in the seminar Urban Territories 2. We will research forms of encounter and experience in temporary and local communities, as well as how to reveal the various facets of participatory, collaborative, and situational projects and practices, as a part of urban transformation processes of port areas. Here qualitative methods and theoretical approaches are conveyed, studied in depth, and developed and tested together with the students. This includes awareness walks, as well as lessons in Multi-Sited Ethnography and Grouded Theory. Furthermore, the students will be introduced to the method of mapping and the creation of mental maps. In theory, the module focuses on Bruno Latour’s actor-network theory as well as its criticism and further developments, such as the assemblage research and different approaches to “interventions.” In addition to intensive reading, there will also be a lecture by the artist group Wermke / Leinkauf on “artistic interventions in urban space.”

The seminar places emphasis on the independent application of qualitative research methods of empirical urban research in urban areas, which sees itself as an intervention. In the module, the ability to develop one’s own analyzes and procedures will be developed, implemented, and presented. Students will learn to test methods in practice and to reflect theoretically, in regards to an interest in knowledge.




5 CP