Basics: Project Management (seminar) 2015/2016


The change in working methods, the fact work in now less fixed to time and place, goes hand-in-hand with the erosion of borders and more flexibility in standardized working arrangements and structures. Many people’s everyday lives are being increasingly structured by various, different activities. This seminar addresses what is meant by a project and how different projects are developed, organized, implemented, and controlled. What possible approaches to project management are reflected in the planning, economic, artistic, and scientific practice? How do scientists and actors, from the urban practice and alternative forms of economics, design and implement their projects? Based on the lecture “Project Management,” the topic of project management will be divided into its diverse subcategories in this seminar. In a series of 14-day workshops together with experts from the fields of planning, science, business, and art & culture, different approaches will be developed, analyzed, and critically reflected. Referring to the students’ individual practice, a reflective attitude will be developed in regards the project concept and organization process of one’s own project management.



2,5 CP

19.10.15 – Ton Matton: Potemkinsche Dörfer Wittenberg und Gottesbüren
16.11.15 – Mike Schäfer: Otto Scharmers Theory U und das Filmemachen
30.11.15 – Uwe Lübbermann: Premium Cola und das WG-Spiel
07.12.15 – Ifau Berlin: Projektentwicklung Kreuzberg
14.12.15 – Planbude: Renée Tribble und Christoph Schäfer
18.01.16 – Kathrin Wildner: Forschungen
25.01.16 – Bernd Kniess, Christopher Dell: Abschlusspräsentation und Diskussion


Prof. Dr. habil. Christopher Dell


Professor, UFoK, OT and RFoP

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Bernd Kniess


Professor, Urban Design