Project Management in Urban Design – Extending projects into time and space 2016/2017


Project Management in Urban Design assembles methods, tools, theories and resources of understanding urban situations as a matter of urban design in the process of doing a real project. It builds on knowledge from the accompanying lecture Project Management from the FAST curriculum.

Extending projects into time and space
Project Management in Urban Design actively tests the scales and scopes of the highly regulated field of project management currently used in planning. A relevant example are the Regulations of Architects' and Engineers' Fees (HOAI, Honorare für Architekten und Ingenieurleistungen). It functions as one such regulation for urban design practitioners and deserves to be questioned. Within this regulation, a wide range of Urban Design practices occupies what the Baukultur Report 2014 calls "Phase 0" – the conceptual or research phase and "Phase 10" – the use management phase. From these currently not yet existing phases actors involved in construction broadly expect to avoid conflicts of interests, save expenses and achieve better results in the overall acceptance of a project. This holds true in particular at times and in places where the public sector on all levels behaves austerely.

If Urban Design is concerned with the urban as a fait discutable, are the necessary "efficiencies" of late capitalism and urban design simply not compatible? How can phase 0 and 10 become visible as highly relevant for the renegotiation of today’s organization of urban design projects and as specialized practices that not only have to be developed as a form of project management, but also must be compensated?

The course project management in Urban Design offers opportunities to explore these and other project management related questions in practice. Students will collectively produce a project archeology of the project Building a Proposition for Future Activities.



2,5 CP
Mondays, 4.15 to 5.45pm, room 3.110


M.Sc. Dominique Peck


Academic Staff, Ph.D. Candidate