Basics: Project Management in Urban Design 19/20: Operationalising relations


The seminar Project Management in Urban Design will be held again at and with the Mikropol after semester 18/19. With reference to the Modes of Play Methodology, the seminar 19/20 is dedicated to the How to Play: The students develop and specify the issue(s) of the Mikropol project, define the method(s) of data collection and analysis and prepare a project exposé. Who is involved in the project and how? What is the state of research? What contribution can the seminar make to the Mikropol? How can we critically situate and position the project and our contribution? Which aspects do we present how and where do we articulate them?
The seminar builds on the archive of previous seminars. You can find individual aspects of it on the website The examination is conducted by the documentation of practical research and design activities in the form of project archaeology on



Mondays, 4.15 to 5.45 pm
Kick-off: 14. October 2019, HCU 3.008
Following dates are expected to take place in the Mikropol.


M.Sc. Dominique Peck


Academic Staff, Ph.D. Candidate