20/04/17 International Conference GLOBAL X-NETWORK ANNUAL MEETING


Welcome to the world of surprises.
The world in which we all live, work and do business is about to change!
But how & with what impact on cities, our social economy and (geo-)politics?

While many countries have faced turmoil since 1945, Western developed countries have largely operated within the framework of political and economic institutions that were established after World War II. The blessing of 70 years of peace and prosperity has, however, a downside: there have been no major global X-Events (e.g. world wars or widespread plagues)to burn away the deadwood of half-functioning institutions, out of date practices and unfair systemic dominances that have built up.

This is about to change! In countries ranging from Britain through Philippines to the USA, the polarisation of wealth, the sense of unhappiness with globalisation and an ambiant sense of insecurity have resulted in a new ordering of the political system, with demands for radical change - that wave of disruption will have major impact on corporations, institutions and the way we live. The scene is set for a major up-ending
of the business environment whenever an X-Event strikes. And it is this landscape that matters, not the exact nature of the X-Event...

So do you want your company, university, institution, or hometown to be resilient in the new landscape? Do you want to know what to do? Join us in Hamburg, together with colleagues from North America, Asia, and Europe so as to explore this landscape. Come away with a better feeling of the challenges facing cities, businesses, and political institutions. And in the process create an understanding of where the opportunities and threats lie.




20th – 22th April 2017
More information and programme here

Limited number of seats. Please register by 5 April using this link or contact: fox@xevents.com

Organised by:
Global X-Network | Brenda Fox, Adrian Taylor, Petra Wiesbrock
HCU, Urban Design | Prof. Bernd Kniess, Petra Wiesbrock

**Participants who are not members of an X-Center/at the HCU are asked to make a contribution of €100 to the event organisers to cover food and related costs.