An den Straßen fischen ((fishing) on the roads) 2015

Master Theses

Based on the strolling sciences of Lucius Burckhardt and the Dérive of the Situationists the authors Kathrin Dröppelmann and Julia Lerch-Zajączkowska deal with the phenomenon of street fishing. They have gone to the so called „Fleete" (artificial rivers crossing the city center) of Hamburg's old town to follow the traces of the street fishermen - observing them, talking to them, tracing their paths and re-connecting them. They are trying to document the places in which they have randomly arrived by the technique of following strangers and strolling around. Capturing these moments they reveal the different layers that history has laid onto these places. The result of their field research is a book consisting of two parts: a narrative that takes the reader for a stroll as well as a complementary collection of terms, the definitions of regulations, the environment, places to which they were guided, things and techniques of street fishing on the one hand, and an essay of urban research on the other. A snapshot of the urban. The many excursions into the field are combined into a great narrative, a fictional walk.




Prof. Dipl. Ing. Bernd Kniess


Professor, Urban Design

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Wildner


Professor, Culture Theory and Cultural Practice