Die Stadt als offene Partitur


A “partition” (score) is a special representational form. It is linked to instructions for action and looks forward rather than backward: to the planning of a forthcoming event. The “open score” goes one step further: it articulates the process of producing new realities and their indeterminacy. In his latest publication, Christopher Dell sketches an “open-ended city score.” The term does not refer to a representation of urban sound texture, nor is the city interpreted in an aestheticizing or musicprogramming sense. Instead, urban processes are rendered visible in a new form, by deploying a musical mode of spatial conception as a filter and perspective. For temporality and the dimension of action are vital components in unveiling the visual structures of phenomena in urban practice.


https://ud.hcu-hamburg.de/projects/publications/die-stadt-als-offene-partitur https://ud.hcu-hamburg.de/projects/publications/die-stadt-als-offene-partitur https://ud.hcu-hamburg.de/projects/publications/die-stadt-als-offene-partitur


Dell, C. 2016. Die Stadt als offene Partitur. Civic City.

Die Stadt als offene Partitur
978-3-03778-495-2, German
La ville comme partition ouverte
2016, 978-3-03778-496-9, French


Prof. Dr. habil. Christopher Dell


Professor, UFoK, OT and RFoP