Project management UD 2023/24 - Vivo-Center

The seminar BS-M-001-203 Basics: Project Management UD is related to the lecture BS-M-001-101 Basics: Project Management. While the lecture considers project management in the context of architecture and metropolitan development, the seminar will test methods, tools and theories of project management in urban design with the students by means of a joint project.

The project this Semester deals with the “Vivo-Center”, formerly planned as an ecological shopping centre in Ottensen, which has been struggling with large-scale vacancies for over 20 years. After demolition demands, the building is to be converted into a district school from 2025 on. The winners of the architectural competition envisage a complete conversion of the shopping centre with the greatest possible preservation of the existing building structure. The construction work will begin in more than a year, but large parts of the building are standing empty.
Together and practically, we want to explore the questions: Can concepts for interim uses be found without serving gentrification mechanisms? What does vacancy of (city-owned) real estate mean in times of scarcity of affordable spaces? How can spaces "in-between" be opened up for use and can this be integrated and established in ongoing planning processes?

The seminar concludes with a reflective review, and the collective documentation of the activities carried out. In the seminar, the students work together as a whole class and on site.

Dienstags 10:15-11:45
HVP-2.103 / Seminarraum II (gr.)

  • Photo: Antonia Lembcke
    Photo: Antonia Lembcke



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Liminal Cities

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