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M.A. Antonia Lembcke

Academic Staff, Ph.D. Candidate

Room 3.111.1

Consultation Hours: On arrangement

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Antonia Lembcke joined the research and teaching program of Urban Design in 2022, after graduating in architecture from UdK Berlin and TU München. As a doctoral candidate at HCU Hamburg, she is following the artistic research of her Master thesis on "dirty architecture", where she investigated multi-layered truths and ambiguous realities that manifest in the built environment. In her Ph.D. Project "Relational Architecture" she researches alternative ways of understanding and practicing architecture through transformation. She is interested in process-oriented architectures, in- and exclusions and the (over)writing of stories and their actors through space.

Antonia co-founded the spätispäti collective in 2019, that produces space through activating collective agencies, artistic practices and 1:1 building laboratories. spätispäti is concerned with the un-learning of normative building practices and questions hierarchical and political structures, as well as with the identification and mediation of participatory and inclusive space production.